Hello everyone,

Dutty Moonshine here!

So here we are once again....trying to get a Top 40 album!
Cause we hate ourselves and love stress.

Our new album Villain is out now and we have until Thursday 5th October to sale as many units as possible!

Below are 2 options; physical or digital.
Please note streams do very little for us and our chart attempt so please consider BUYING a digital copy if digital is your thing

CD or Vinyl from our website

BUY NOW Up until Wednesday 4th Oct

Digital from DSP platforms

BUY/STREAM Up until 11.59pm Thursday 5th Oct

If you buy a CD AND a vinyl that actually counts as 2 chart counts so please by all means if you can afford it grab yourself both...and while your flush self is here treat yourself to a digital order as well so we get a whole 3 counts from one person, why not!

On average you need to sell about 3000 albums to get a whiff of a Top 40.

Now when you consider how many people we perform to at festivals or how many see us on tour you'd think that surely isn't a hard number to hit...it is.

So many people don't buy albums now and just stream and whilst streams count you need millions for that and we're no Taylor Swift.

I've also got a sneaking suspicion lots of fans are in the "ah I didn't get round to it, I'm sure someone else will have"....don't be that person 😂

City of Sin opened so many doors for us when it charted and we once again are calling upon everyone to please help us stick 2 fingers up at the charts and the majors and help put Dutty Moonshine Big Band at the top of the music industry!

All of the love

Dutty Moonshine x